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We are a married lesbian couple living in London, UK and this is a day in the life vlog. In this day in the life vlog, we film a Friday before Christmas, shooting a video with another youtuber friend, Will Carne, Shosh gets some work done. We’ve been struggling lately with the pressure a lot of youtubers face, that is how many youtube videos can we handle each week? Vlogging can be difficult for a couple of reasons, one is that couples (or single youtubers) spend so much time making content for youtube that they miss out on downtime, or have to skimp on work time or pursuing their other passions; another reason is that when you’re uploading videos twice a week you lose focus of the kind of videos or vlogs you really want to make.
​As a lesbian couple, LGBT content is always going to strike a chord with us, but we love making day in the life or weekly blogs too. It would be so great to hear what you guys like so leave a comment below!

Check out Calum McSwiggan’s beautiful video about gay and lesbian​ couples at Christmas:

Check out our friend Will’s channel: (our collaboration video with him will be coming soon to his channel!)


Check out our wedding video:

Hear about how we navigated the lesbian New York dating scene back in the day to meet each other:


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