Daily Kos campaign director uses polygamy & incest to argue LGBT marriage

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Bringing LGBT issues to the forefront in a world where so much news is so widely spread accross so many networks is getting more and more difficult.

The question has become one of how badly do we want to fight for the LGBT voice to be heard over all the noise generated in the subject matters we`re challenging and are we willing to put our own beliefs in the struggle, possibly at the cost of what we consider right and wrong?

This very point should perhaps be a big part of the debate in relation to an arguement raised by Chris Bowers, the campaign director of Daily Kos who argued for a subject the whole LGBT community is behind but in a way the whole community would perhaps rather not be compared to and understandably so in anyones opinion. But then we come back again to the question of getting ourselves heard above the noise of social news which drowns us out in an ever busy world where increasingly contraversy is selling to people looking more for taglines than content.

But did it bring the question to the forefront outside the contraversy it generated within the LGBT community, where the question needs most to be asked? We know the lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender community has been discussing this but what has the reception been like outside of the community and how can those inside the community really rate and analyse these types of affects on our shared straight and non straight environment.

Just like the question at hand, the form this question has been asked in is one which divides. People are all wondering wether this question was asked the right way or not and who amung us should decide if this method of posing a question is the right way. Personally I don’t think its a decision that any one single lesbian, bisexual, gay, transexual source, outlet or individual should be allowed to decide or else we would be living in an LGBT dictatorship! This a matter for the whole community to discuss, so that we can share the different opinions which make us in to a true community and not just some mindless organism.

Perhaps the real proof on wether this was the right question to ask will be the ground which the debate covers as a result?

What do you think?



Chris Bowers, campaign director of Daily Kos, is right. Throughout the course of history, marriage has meant different things to different cultures.

But wherever you stand on the issue of gay marriage, Bowers’ argument is a little self-defeating and more than a little offensive.

The number of people allowed in a marriage varies from country to country now, and has always varied.

— Chris Bowers (@ThisBowers) May 13, 2012

The age requirements to be married vary from state to state, and country to country, both now and in the past.

— Chris Bowers (@ThisBowers) May 13, 2012

How closely related you can be to someone and still marry them varies widely now, and varied widely in the past.

— Chris Bowers (@ThisBowers) May 13, 2012

People have married child brides, siblings, and multiple partners, so why not let same-sex partners tie the knot? Good to know the Kossacks think child rape, incest, and polygamy are good justifications for gay marriage. We’re sure the gay community will be thrilled to learn their partnerships should be recognized because some cultures are a-okay with marrying kids and family members.

Bowers also gives ammo to gay marriage opponents who use the “slippery slope to polygamy” argument. Slippery slopers are mocked and derided by the Left for even voicing their concerns, but here we have a Daily Kos employee making the case that exploitative, abusive unions are part and parcel of what marriage is all about.

The legal rights you have in a marriage vary widely now, and varied widely in the past.

— Chris Bowers (@ThisBowers) May 13, 2012

The legal requirements to start or end a marriage vary widely now, and varied widely in the past.

— Chris Bowers (@ThisBowers) May 13, 2012

And everyone knows this. Pretending marriage has always had a single definition is even dumber than denying evolution or climate change.

— Chris Bowers (@ThisBowers) May 13, 2012

Nice straw man you got there. Be a shame if something happened to it.

No one who has a passing familiarity with history and current events believes that all cultures and religions share the same definition of marriage. Conservatives are acutely aware of the oppression women face under polygamous marriages and are highly critical of the child marriages that take place in the Islamic world. Unlike Bowers, they don’t accept that incest, polygamy, and child marriage belong in the same category as the marriages they know and cherish.

We’re thinking the gay marriage lobby might want to stick a big ol’ piece of duct tape over Bowers’ mouth, “No H8″ style.

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