Do Black Women Prefer Bisexual Men Like Aaron Hernandez?

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Today we are discussing the choice that some Urban women make when it comes to dating bisexual or download men such as Aaron Hernandez. The late ex NFL athlete committed suicide on April 19, 2017. It was found out that Aaron Hernandez left a note for his gay lover named Kyle Kennedy (age 22 of Massachusetts). Aaron Hernandez also gave him his $50,000 watch and Kennedy was the last person to see him alive. Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez and women like her seem to ignore the signs that many Bisexual men or gay downlow men present when they are in a heterosexual relationship. What about these men are black women attracted to? They will then complain when they contract STDS and precede to call black men gay or downlow as a whole. I believe that because so many women in the sisterhood have an independent masculine attitude on relationships, this could be one of the reasons why they chose Bisexual or downlow men to be in relationships with.

Here are some articles discussing this particular subject: reports on the issue concerning Kyle Kennedy:

According to the New York Post, Aaron Hernandez lover Kyle Kennedy is a robber: reports that Aaron Hernandez leaves note to girlfriend:

CBS Sports reports that Aaron Hernandez left several suicide notes in jail:

Some black men prefer the downlow lifesytle according to :

James cleveland infected christopher b harris with HIV while being pastor at the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Los angeles, California:

Odin Lloyd knew that Aaron Hernandez was bisexual:

Aaron Hernandez hid his sexuality:

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