George Takei slams Trump for Islamaphobic comments

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(Screenshot courtesy of MSNBC)

(Screenshot courtesy of MSNBC)

George Takei spoke with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts about Donald Trump’s comments proposing to ban muslims from the U.S.

Takei stated that he didn’t think Trump was learning from the U.S.’s history of incarcerating Japanese-Americans during World War II. Takei and his family were sent to a World War II Japanese- American internment camp in Arkansas. His personal experience has given him cause for alarm to Trump’s comments.

“Donald Trump is a perfect example of that failure,” Takei says. “It was because political leadership could not educate the hysteria that was sweeping across this country. ‘Get rid of the Japs’ was the most popular political issue of the time.”

The actor and activist continued on to riff on Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” for his Islamaphobic views.

“What Donald Trump is talking about is something that’s going to make his logo ‘America Disgraced Again.’ It’s all over again,” Takei says.

Takei also took issue with Roanoke Mayor David Bowers for choosing the word “sequester” to describe President Franklin Roosevelt’s administration’s internment of Japanese-Americans.

“We were imprisoned, incarcerated in barbed wire prison camps, concentration camps,” Takei says. “And we were American citizens.”

Takei currently is starring in the Broadway musical “Allegiance.” The play is inspired by Takei’s experiences during the Japanese-American internment of World War II.

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