LGBT kiss organised in Brighton Sainsburys to protest homophobic security

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Sainsburys mass LGBT kiss arranged as an anti homophobic protest.

A mass public display of affection was organised by the LGBT community as a direct means of showing contempt in response to an offensive move made bya Sainsburys security member and in the gay capiital of all places! A member of the public complained to a security member about a moment of affection which had been publicly displayed between a lesbian couple in the Brighton store which lead to the securiy team member responding by then removing the couple from the premisis.

As a direct response hundreds of people from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transvestite community along with those of the straight community became activists for the day by coming together to take over the Brighton supermarket on Wednesday with a loving protest in which the people present locked lips in a mass public display of affection throughout the supermarket’s aisles to express their disgust at the ofensive action taken by the security guard with whats been called “The big kiss in”.. .


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W/S Crowd enters Sainsbury’s
M/S Girls enter Sainsbury’s
M/S Girls kissing
M/S Girls kissing
M/S Girls kissing
SOT, Protester (English): “I do not want to see anyone, an individual, couple, or group be hated for the way they live their life because at the end of the day, it’s not up to me or you to judge, because I don’t understand why people do it.”
M/S Girls kissing
SOT, Protester in drag (English): “Be nice, consensual kissing, tasteful may I add, this is not a club.”
M/S Girl holding sign reading ‘You can kiss me till the cows come home’
M/S Girls kissing
M/S Protesters holding ‘Peace’ Rainbow flag
M/S Couple kissing
M/S Couple kissing
W/S Sainsbury’s interior
M/S Sainsbury’s employee handing out free cookies
C/U Sign reading ‘Thank you for shopping at Sainsbury’s’

Student Annabelle Paige, 22, reportedly kissed her girlfriend on the cheek and was consequently removed from the New England street outlet after a customer complained, calling the action ‘disgusting.’

Sainsbury’s offered Ms Paige £100 to donate to the charity of her choice for what activists called a ‘homophobic act,’ but Brighton’s LGBT community responded by organising the event.

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