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Obama reassures British tourists over LGBT laws

President Obama found himself in the awkward position of trying to reassure British tourists planning to visit North Carolina and Mississippi Friday, despite his own objections to the southern states’ recently passed laws limiting gay rights.

Responding to a travel advisory issued by the British Foreign Office warning about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Britons about travel to the states, Obama appeared to put himself on record as opposing any travel boycott of the states, while also making clear he opposes their policies limiting local anti-discrimination ordinances and the use of public restrooms by transgender people.

“I want everybody here in the United Kingdom to know that the people of North Carolina and Mississippi are wonderful people,” Obama said. “They are beautiful states and you are welcome and you should come and enjoy yourselves. And I think you’ll be treated with extraordinary hospitality.”

He quickly added, “I also think that the laws that have been passed there are wrong and should be overturned.”

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