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Opening Doors London, with Age UK Camden as the lead agency and in partnership with Age UK’s across London, is the biggest project providing information and support services to LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) men and women aged 50 and above from across London.
There’s an estimated 100,000 older LGBT men and women in London, many of whom are socially isolated, cut off from family and friends and not in contact with appropriate services, or still hiding their sexuality or gender identity because of very real fears born from very real negative experience. We owe each and every one of them a huge debt of gratitude, because without them, we wouldn’t have any of the rights or protections that LGBT people now enjoy here in the UK, much less some of the best commercial gay scenes in the world. So, to find out more about the project, volunteering opportunities or if you want to say “thank you” to our older LGBT pioneers by supporting the work of the project, and to ensure that the project is still around when YOU need us, please click on the donate button at
Opening Doors London is a life line to the many hundreds of older LGBT members of the project. We need your help to keep it going, thank you.

Contact us:

Nick Maxwell
LGBT Development Coordinator (men) , or call on 020 7239 0446

Kate Hancock and Corinne Chalmers
LGBT Development Coordinators (women) , or call on 020 7239 0447


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