Study Finds Women Are More Likely To Be Bisexual

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U.S. researchers found that women are more likely to be bisexual than men because their sexuality tends to be a little more fluid. They also found something else that fascinating.

“Women are three times more likely to become bisexual than men because they are more flexible in their sexuality, new research has suggested.

“While the majority of men are convinced they are either ‘100 per cent’ homosexual or heterosexual, women have a much more fluid approach to relationships, based on who they meet, it is claimed.

However US researchers found that women who avoided young motherhood, were physically attractive, or had high levels of education were less likely to explore relationships with same-sex partners because they had more romantic opportunities with the opposite sex. These women were more likely to say they were ‘100 per cent heterosexual.’

The study found romantic opportunities appear to influence the sexual identity of women – but not men.””*

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Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian (The Point) hosts of The Young Turks discuss. Do you think women are more likely to be bisexual? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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