Take the “B” out of LGBT – (Bisexuality & the Gay Community)

Bisexuals need to disconnect from the LGBT community because the L & G communities are helping to kill bisexuals. Here’s how.

Referenced study on bisexuals:

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Bisexual Groups around the world:

AZ – AzBi / BiNet Arizona, Fluid Arizona
CA – San Diego: AmBi, Bi Bar, & San Diego Bi Women
CA – LA: Monogomous Bi People Play Games; AmBi
DC – Bisexual Women of Color Collaborative; Center Bi (DC Center)
IL – Bi Queer Alliance Chicago
IN – Indiana Bisexuals
MA – Bisexual Resource Center
MI – Bisexual Peer Group
MN – Bisexual Organizing Project
NY – Bi Request
NY – Bisexual NYC
NY – Syracuse: Queers and Beer
OH – Bi Local Columbus
OR – Bi Brigade – Portland
OR – Bi + Queer Community of Pacific NW
OR – Portaland: AmBi
WA – Seattle: Bisexual Women’s Network; BiNet Seattle
WI – Wisconsin 521

US Map –

Montreal – Bisexual Montreal
Toronto – Toronto Bisexual Network
Toronto – Bisexual Women of Toronto
Toronto – Bisexual Men of Toronto

UK – BiPhoria
Ireland – Bi IrelandIreland – Bi Ireland


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