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Top 10 Youtuber Lesbian Couples
In this List we included sweet Lesbian Couple YouTubers with most Subscribers.

10. Jenny and Ruth – 47k subscribers
Jenny and Ruth post drop dead gorgeous vlogs about their marriage, their travels and everyday life. Their channel, called The Winship, primarily offers an onboard view of their daily lives and allows us to sneak into their relationship (married life) during travels and outings with friends. They have become accustomed to invite us inside their journey by covering random topics according to their mood or simply letting themselves be guided by the randomness of life.

9. Diana and Lina – 94k subscribers
Diana and Lina are, in their own words, “a lesbian couple that happens to be Asian.” The two met as sorority pledge sisters in their sophomore year of college. They now live together and pull really intense pranks on eachother in videos that are equal parts fascinating and uncomfortable to watch. Diana and Lina also do Q&As and vlog generally about their relationship.

8. Sam Darling and Alyssa Pacheco – 125k subscribers
Sam and Alyssa run a couples channel where they post challenge videos, Q&As, and vlogs about their daily lives. One time they made a sweet and popular video for Buzzfeed about being in love with your best friend. Alyssa recently got a very cute haircut, and the two are moving to San Francisco!

7 Kaelyn and Lucy – 250k subscribers
In 2013, Kaelyn and Lucy talked with the Hairpin about what it’s like when your relationship has 8,000 likes on Facebook. Today, their joint Facebook has 154k likes. All their old challenge videos, heartwrenching vlogs about long distance dating, and video montages about meeting up are still posted. Better watch now, and subscribe to see what happens when Lucy turns the space into a solo channel.

6. Ebony and Denise – 258k subscribers
Ebony and Denise are a two mom family. They post weekly vlogs about parenting and daily life (participating in an anti-cancer walk). They’re super down to earth and relatable as people, and their love for their daughter is truly an inspiring thing to watch.Ebony and Denise have been profiled on PBS Digital Studios’ First Person. Go Team2Moms!

5. Jelly and Day- 304k subscribers
Angelica “Jelly” Perez and “Day” DayLynn Contreras are a lesbian couple known for their unfiltered daily vlogs, storytime videos, challenges and pranks. The Austin-based couple met in a hookah bar as teenagers and married last year on their fifth anniversary.
They love spicy food and have around 304k subscribers. They were named VidCon’s cutest couple by People last year.

4. Rose and Rosie- 628k subscribers
Rose and Rosie are a British comedy/entertainment duo on YouTube. They got married last year and are planning to have a baby. Their most popular video — SUPERKISS!, in which they time themselves kissing for 48 seconds — has over 2.7M views. Buzzfeed has called them the hottest couple online, and in After Ellen’s most recent Hot 100, they snagged spots 18 and 23.

3. Bria and Chrissy – 703k subscribers
Bria and Chrissy are a singing lesbian real life couple, aka. the evil geniuses who created a YouTube channel named “Our Lesbian Love” and populated it with such videos as “SHOCKING Super Bowl Commercial 2015 (LESBIAN KISS!)”, and “THE SEX SONG.” When they’re not making super clicky comedy, the couple vlogs about their relationship, writes original music, and stars in music videos. Chrissy is also pursuing a civil lawsuit in the UK against the abusive ex-boyfriend who posted video online of her being sexual assaulted.

2. Gaby Dunn and Alison Raskin – 749k subscribers
Just Between Us is a comedy channel created by best friend duo Gaby Dunn and Alison Raskin. It features weekly sketches and a scripted love advice show full of non-advice. Within the channel, both women play caricatures of the “worse versions” of themselves, with Allison as the neurotic mess looking for a rich husband, and Gaby as the loud, aggressive queer activist. They were featured together in Bitch last year.

1.Domo and Crissy- 1,707,440 subscribers
Domo and Crissy are a recently engaged, recently pregnant couple who started a YouTube channel together in January. When they aren’t vlogging about their relationship, they pull extreme pranks on eachother and do challenges. Domo also has a solo channel which she’s been posting videos to for the past four months.

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